Week of February 12th!

I can …
Reading: draw conclusions and use multiple texts! *theme 11 information can be found under the “Curriculum and Explanations” tab
Writing: publish one of my narratives!
Math: determine area and perimeter!

Theme 11 test: Tuesday, February 13th
Writing piece due: Tuesday, February 13th
Valentine’s day Party @ 1:15: Wednesday, February 14th!
Area and Perimeter test: Friday, February 16th *Study Guides will be send home on Wednesday!

Week of February 5th

I can…
Reading- use what I know and what is in the text to draw conclusion!
Writing- Write a fantasy and a narrative!
Social Studies- describe a global market!
Math- draw rectangles with same perimeter and different areas and same areas and different perimeters!

Wednesday, February 7th: Global School Play Day (be on the lookout for a note coming home soon!)
Friday, February 9th: Weekly math quiz
Friday, February 9th: All grades will be updated in PowerSchool
Wednesday, February 14th: classroom parties from 1:15-2:15 **Your child may bring in a Valentine’s Day box, or use the bags we provide for them. Class lists will be going home next week. If your child plans to pass out cards, please ensure that there is one for every student.

Week of January 29th

I can…
Reading- determine Author’s purpose!
Writing- Publish a procedural text or a fairytale!
Social studies- explain supply and demand and create my own invention!
Math- determine unknown sides and the area of two rectangles put together!

Music program: January 30th (students report to the cafeteria at 6:20)
Theme 10 test: January 30th
Theme 10 writing pieces due: January 30
Weekly math quiz: February 2

Week of January 22

I can…
Reading- ask questions to determine the purpose for reading (*theme 10 blog post coming soon!)
Writing- write a procedural text and a fairy tale!
Math- find area!
Science- explain evaporation and condensation an explain their roles in the water cycle!

Kindness Week Dress up Days:
Monday- wear pjs
Tuesday- wear your favorite sports apparel
Wednesday- Wear bright colors/sunglasses
Thursday- 70s day (wear tie dye)
Friday- Wear your kindness shirts

Week of 1/15

I can…
Reading- compare and contrast! *Check out the theme 9 information under the “curriculum explanations” tab
Writing- publish either my diary OR my realistic fiction story and write a quality CEIEIO!
Math- find the area of a shape! *check out the unit 5 math pages under the “useful links tab”

January 15th- no school
January 18th- theme test and theme 9 writing piece due
January 19th- weekly math quiz

Week of 12/11!

I can…
Reading- Determine Importance! *Check out theme 8 information under the “curriculum explanations” tab
Writing- Write a quality expository piece and use plural and possessive nouns!
Math- tell time and determine elapsed time! *Check out the unit 4 math pages under the “useful links” tab
Science- describe density and what happens to hot/cold water!

Last day to take AR quizzes for quarter 2 independent reading goals- December 21st
Weekly Math Quiz- December 15th

Week of December 4th!

I can…
Reading- use fix-up strategies, find evidence to support an answer, and cite the text!
Writing- revise and edit my narrative!
Math- use various units to measure liquids and length and use graphs to represent data!
Social Studies- Junior Achievement!

Theme 7 Test: Tuesday, December 5th *Students will not be turning in a theme 7 writing piece this week.
Wonder Wednesday: Wednesday, December 6th (7:50-8:40)
Weekly Math Quiz: Friday, December 8th
Quarter Two Writing piece Due: Friday, December 8th
Last Day to take AR quizzes to meet Quarter 2 Independent Reading Goals: Thursday, December 21st

Theme 7: On Moving Ground

Theme 7: On Moving Ground
Focus: Using Fix-Up strategies
Big Idea- Context clues help readers understand what a difficult word means. Sometimes replacing the difficult word with a synonym helps you better understand what a word means.
Review: Creating Images
Big Idea- Creating images helps you better understand what you are reading. *Using your senses helps support this reading strategy: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feelings.

Vocab Pages: 218 & 232

Grammar: Common nouns
Big Idea- a non specific person, place, thing
Example: cat, man, school
Proper nouns
Big Idea- a specific person, place, thing
Example: Mrs. Ellis, Dunlap Grade, Thanksgiving
Concrete Vs. Abstract Nouns
Big Idea- A concrete noun is something you can physically see or touch. An abstract noun is something you cannot see or touch.
Example: Concrete noun- dog/ Abstract noun- love

Target Skill: Onomatopoeia
Big Idea- These are words used to describe sounds.

Word Study Week 1: Synonyms and Antonyms
Big Idea- Synonyms mean the same (example: big and large), antonyms mean the opposite (big and small)
Word Study Week 2: Multiple meaning words
Big Idea- Some words have more than one meaning (example: The leaves are in a pile. She leaves early for work.)

Writing pieces:
*To allow more time for students to work on their water narratives (quarter 2 writing piece), the students will only write ONE writing piece for theme 7.This piece will be a fantasy story. An example of a fantasy story can be found on page 238.

Theme 7 test: Tuesday, December 5th
Theme 7/theme 8 writing piece due: December 19th. *Students can choose between publishing their theme 7 writing piece or their theme 8 writing piece (expository).

Week of 11/20 and 11/27!

I can…
Reading- use fix-up strategies! *theme 7 blog post coming soon!
Writing- write a fantasy (theme 7), an expository (theme 7), and a narrative (quarter 2 writing piece). I can also, use write with dialogue and indent in a story when necessary!
Math- add and subtract with regrouping and multiply using multiples of 10!
Science- use a thermometer and describe how it works!

11/21- STEAM Mayhem Day!
11/22-11/24-No school! Happy Thanksgiving!
12/1- Unit 2 Math test (study guide will be sent home on 11/29)

Week of November 13th!

I can…
Reading- create images! *Check out a summary of theme 6 under the “curriculum explanations” tab!
Writing- publish an interview or newspaper article and use dialogue in a narrative!
Math- round to the nearest 10 and 100!

Theme 6 Test: Tuesday, November 14th
Wonder Wednesday: November 15th
2nd Quarter Writing Piece: students will being writing these on Wednesday. You can check out their progress in google docs!
Weekly Math Quiz: November 17th
**All grades will be updated in PowerSchool on November 17th**