End of the Year!

Reading/Writing- We are finishing up our superhero writing pieces. We will be finishing the chapters this week and working on some additional pages next week! We also plan to watch the Incredibles 2 the last week of school. This is a PG rated movie. Please email us if you prefer your student not watch this movie. Thank you!

Math- This week and next we will be doing a final review as well as setting some goals for summer learning!

Social Studies- We have finished our social studies unit. Your student will be bringing home their government game board tonight. Have fun playing those games at home!

Wednesday, May 22- Field Day
Thursday, May 23- Field trip: wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers, consider wearing a hat and bringing sunscreen. Also, consider bringing an alternate lunch if your student does not like hotdogs.
Thursday, May 23- Last day for AR quizzes to count towards 4th quarter goals
Friday, May 24- Awards Assembly (9-10)

Week of May 6Th!

Reading- This week we are finishing up How to Eat Fried worms. We will end this novel by having the students create their very own booksnap that represents their favorite part of the book.

Writing- This week we are doing a review of dialogue in stories. Next week we will begin working on our final writing piece and we are hoping to include some amazing dialogue!

Math- This week we are taking what we have learned about multiplication and division and learning how to divide multi-digit numbers(with and without remainders).

Social Studies- We are wrapping up our government unit. Our focus for this week is our national government.

**Please note that we will not being going to the library this week. There was a conflict at the library, so we will go starting May 15th!**

May 10th: Muffins in the Morning
May 10th: “How to” Presentations
May 10th: bring in your favorite board game (optional)

Week of April29th!

Reading- We are continuing to read How to Eat Fried Worms! On Wednesday we plan to show the movie and compare and contrast the major events. This movie is rated PG, so if you prefer your student doesn’t watch it, please let us know! On Friday have few fun filled activities planned, so be sure to ask your student! We plan to finish the book next week.

Writing- Our focus this week is another opinion piece. This piece will be published and turned in for a grade later this week.

Math- We are reviewing addition and subtraction this week!

Social Studies- Our focus this week is state and federal government.

Week of April 22nd!

Reading- We are taking a break from our traditional reading assignments and plan to do a class novel study! We will be reading How to Eat Fried Worms. This week’s activities and assignments will be focused on chapters 1-9.

Writing- We will continue to work on opinion pieces. Your student will be writing one this week; however, it is not for a grade.

Grammar- We will be reviewing the parts of speech!

Math- Tuesday and Wednesday we will review graphs and time. We will have our Unit 4 test on Friday, April 26th. A study guide will be sent home Wednesday night, and we will review in class on Thursday!

Social Studies- We are beginning our last social studies unit this week. Our focus will be the three levels of government. Our main focus this week will be local government.

Important Dates
April 24th: Please try to have field trip money sent in by this data
April 26th: Unit 4 math test
April 29th: Field Trip to Sommer Park

April 8th – April 18th

Reading- Our focus this week is one final review before our IAR test on the 11th and 12th (See schedule below). Next week we will be focusing on revising images while we read stories in our Rigby reading series.

Writing- This week there will be no writing piece. Next week your student will write a personal narrative and a realistic fiction. They will then choose ONE to publish on Thursday.

Grammar- This week we focused on homophones (two words that sound the same but are spelled different and have different meanings). Next week with our IAR schedule, we will do a short review of previous skills.

Math- In preparation for the math IAR next week (see schedule below) we have been reviewing this week. Each day has been designated to a specific domain (operations and algebraic thinking, numbers in base 10, geometry, measurement and data, and fractions). Next week with our IAR tests we will only have a math quiz on Thursday.

Science- This week our focus has been on our crayfish (structures and behaviors). Next week we will focus on adaptations and habitats!

IAR Schedule:
April 11th (ELA)- 3K: 8:15-9:45 and 3L: 10:00-11:30
April 12th (ELA)- 3L: 8:15-9:45 and 3K: 10:00-11:30
April 15th (Math)- 3L: 8:15-9:45 and 3K:12:20-1:50
April 16th (Math)- 3K: 8:15-9:45 and 3L:12:20-1:50
April 17th (Math)- 3L: 8:15-9:45 and 3K:12:20-1:50

April 11: Author Assembly (bring $15 to purchase a book to get signed)
April 19th and 22nd: No School

Week of April 1st

Reading: This week we will focus on monitoring understanding. We will do this by reading a variety of passages both from our Rigby reading series and other resources.

Writing: This week our focus will be an opinion piece. Since this is the first time writing one, we will complete one together as a class before the students try one on their own. We will also continue to work on literary analyses.

Grammar: We will be focusing on literal vs. nonliteral language, specifically focusing on similes and metaphors.

Math: This week our focus will be telling time. We will work on determining start and end time as well as elapsed time. One strategy we will use to help with this is drawing number lines. These lessons can be found in Unit for under the “useful links” tab.

Science: This week we are working on how plants get food and life cycles. We will also be having some special critters join our classrooms!

Weeks of 2/25-3/4

Reading- This week our focus is drawing conclusions by inferring. We worked on this skill while reading two stories out of our Rigby reading series. Next week our focus will be using illustrations and other text features to help us better understand a passage. We will also be giving our quarter 3 reading assessment. This assessment is a district wide assessment but will not count towards your student’s final reading grade. We plan to use this assessment to help guide our instruction and prepare for the remainder of the year.

Writing- This week your student wrote an alternate ending to a fantasy story as well as a journal entry about visiting another planet. Later this week, they will choose one of those pieces to publish and turn in for a grade. Next week we will continue our work on developing our literary analysis (comparing and contrasting).

Grammar- This week is a review week; we are working on editing pieces of a passage. Next week we will focus on Capitalizing book titles.

Math- We are continuing to work on area and perimeter. There will be no new skills taught this week and most of next week. Instead we will be reviewing the skills we have already taught. By the end of next week we will move on two our final two skills in this unit (creating rectangles with same area and different perimeters and rectangles with same perimeters with different areas.) Our tentative date for the area and perimeter test is March 15.

Social Studies- We have been researching different jobs. Next week we will continue our conversation on how jobs have changed in America. We will specifically discuss the assembly line and factories.

Week of February 11th!

Reading- Our focus this week will be comparing and contrasting two different texts. For fiction texts we will focus on the characters, plots, and settings. For nonfiction texts we will focus on key ideas and details.

Writing- We will continue to work on writing a quality literary analysis. As a reminder, we are now focusing on adding information and fully explaining our answers.

Grammar- This week we will be working on subject/verb agreement!

Math- We have wrapped up our Fraction unit and have moved on to Measurement and Data (the last of our units)! If you would like to access these pages they can be found under “useful links” (unit 5 math pages). This week we will be focusing on area and perimeter (lessons 29 and 30).

Please consider sending in items or money for our classroom carnival baskets!
3L’s theme: Nerf
3K’s theme: Family Game Night
Also, if your student needs more raffle tickets, just let us know!

Upcoming Dates:
Weekly math quiz: Thursday, February 14
Valentine’s Day: Thursday, February 14 (*if you send in valentines, please make sure there is one for every student)
No School (teacher institute): Friday, February 15
No School: Monday, February 18
School Carnival: Saturday, February 23

Week of January 21st

Reading- This week our focus has been making connections by comparing/contrasting the theme, setting, characters, and plots of different stories.

Writing- So far we have written two pieces this week. On Tuesday we wrote a diary and today we wrote a personal narrative. On Monday your student will be able to decide which one they publish and turn in for a grade.

Grammar- We are introducing conjunctions this week and discussing compound sentences and combining sentences.

Math- The last few days we have been review fractions. We wrapped up our last fraction review today. Tomorrow we will move on to our last concept within this unit: comparing fractions! Our fraction test will be next Friday.

Social Studies: This week we focused on natural resources and the products we get from them.

Upcoming dates:
Music Program: January 29th @ 6:30
Fraction Test: February 1st

Week of January 14!

Happy New Year! We are excited to be back after break and are looking forward to a great rest of the year. 🙂

Reading: Our focus will be point of view. This week we will use this skill with fiction pieces. We will focus on the idea that words and illustrations help the reader understand characters’ points of view. We will practice this skill throughout the week!

Writing: Our focus for quarter 3 writing is “on demand” writing. We will be writing a variety of responses to literature (literary analysis). This week we will be examining different types of questions and how to organize our responses. We will also be introducing the concept of writing a response to literature using two different texts on the same topic.

Grammar: Last week we reviewed adjectives and adverbs. This week we will focus on comparative (compares two things) and superlative (compares more than two) adjective and adverbs.

Math: We will start our week off by taking the STAR assessment to examine student growth (this test is not for a grade). On Tuesday we will wrap up our practice with fractions greater than a one. The remainder of the week we will be reviewing all of the fraction skills we have learned so far in this unit. Fractions is a new concept for third grade, so we want to make sure that your student has a good understanding of these concepts. The best way to ensure that is to keep reinforcing the skills and provide a wide variety of question. We will continue this review into the following week!

Science: We will be wrapping up our forces and motion unit this week. Our final concept we will be covering is mixtures and solutions!

Upcoming dates
Friday, January 18: Half Day (SIP day)
Monday, January 21: No school