Last week!

I can…
Reading- read books at my level and share my super hero story with peers!
Writing- finish publishing my chapter book!
Math- show what I know about multiplication!

Monday- all school yearbook signing 2-2:30
Tuesday- 5th grade rocket launch (PM)
Thursday- dismissal at 1:00 **students will be bringing home report cards today!

To wrap up our super hero unit, we will be watching The Incredibles. This movie is rated PG. Please email us if you do not want your child watching this film.

This year 3M read How to Eat Fried Worms, and the students have asked if we can watch the movie. Throughout the week, we will be showing pieces of this film. This movie is rated PG. Please email us if you do not want your child watching this film.

Week of May 14th!

I can…
Reading- determine a purpose for reading to help determine the main information.
Writing- finish my super hero story!
Math- show what I learned in 3rd grade!
Science- describe how food chains work!

Monday, May 14th: Reading Camp Out (2-2:30)
Monday, May 14th: Family Night at BWW Grand Prairie
Tuesday, May 15th: Theme 16 test
Wednesday, May 16th: Field Day (after lunch recess)
Friday, May 18th: DGS Awards Assembly (9:00-10:00 in the gym)
Friday, May 18th: Last day for AR quizzes to count towards independent reading goal

On Friday, we will be watching Sky High (a Disney channel original) to celebrate our progress in our super hero stories. This movie is rated PG. If you prefer your student does watch this movie please email us and let us know!

Week of May 7th

I can….
Reading- read for purpose and determine main details (see theme 16 information under the “curriculum” tab)!
Writing- continue my super hero story!
Math- show what I know about fractions (review)!
Science- describe different types of environments and animals that live in them!

Theme 16 Test: May 15th
Last day for AR quizzes (towards 4th quarter goal): Friday, May 18th
*On Friday, May 11th we will be watching the Lego Batman Movie. This movie is rated PG. If you would prefer your student not watch this, please let us know and we will provide an alternative movie for your student.

Week of April 30

I can…
Reading: use fix-up strategies (check out theme 15 information under the “curriculum” tab)!
Writing: draft, revise, edit, and publish my super hero story!
Math: Review area and perimeter!
Science: describe variations and traits within various plants and animals!

May 1st: theme 15 test
May 2nd: Wonder Wednesday
May 4th: Explore More Day!

Week of April 16th and 23rd!

I can…
Reading- revise images (check out theme 14 information under the curriculum tab) and use fix-up strategies (check out theme 15 information under the curriculum tab)!!
Writing- draft/revise/edit/publish the first and second chapters for my super hero story!
Math- show what I know with standards NBT1-NBT3 and MD1-8!
Science- observe crayfish behaviors!

April 16: Explore More Day sheets due
April 17th: Theme 14 reading test
April 20th: All grades updated in PowerSchool
April 27th: We will be watching Thunderstruck to help give the students an idea of how their super hero can get his/her powers. This movie is rated PG. If you prefer that your child does not watch this movie, please email us!

March 28th and 29th!

Reading: I can ROCK the PARCC! **Keep making progress towards your quarter 4 independent reading goals!
Writing: I can ROCK the PARCC!
Math: I can show what I know about fractions!
Social Studies: I can show what I know about our government! *We will be playing our government games at the end of this week!

Wednesday, March 28th: Wild West Wednesday

Thursday, March 29th: Tie and Tutu Thursday

Thursday, March 29th:Fraction test (A study guide was sent home on Monday. We will be reviewing the answers on Wednesday and additional practice will be sent home for missed problems.)

Thursday, March 29th:”Picnic in the Park” Celebration: Fill your brown bag with snacks and bring it to school on Thursday along with a blanket or towel (both are optional)! *We will be watching A Bug’s Life in the afternoon while we enjoy our “picnic.”

Have a great Spring Break!

Week of March 19th!

I can…
reading: Use strategic reading! (see theme 13 info in “Curriculum Explanations”)
Writing: publish my CEIEIO OR my Story and critique various writing samples.
Math: find equivalent fractions and compare fractions when the denominators/numerators are the same!
Social Studies: describe important details about our government!

Theme 13 Test/theme 13 writing piece due: Tuesday, March 21st
Weekly Math Quiz: March 23rd

Theme 12

Explorers in Space!
Theme 12: Explorers in Space
Focus: Categorize information (synthesize)
Big Idea: group information with other similar information
Review: Draw Conclusions (infer)
Big Idea: Use what you know and what you read to make a decision about the text

Vocab: pages 398 and 412

Big Idea: adjectives describe nouns and pronouns
Example: I have an older sister. *Adjective- Older
Big Idea: There are three articles- A, an, the
Capitalization of Titles
Big Idea: The first word is capitalized, the last word is capitalized, and all the important words in the middle are capitalized
Example: Unlocking the Spell

Word Study Week 1: Prefixes non-, in-, dis-
Big Idea: These prefixes mean “not”
Example: nonstick/invisible/disagree
Word Study week 2: prefix re- pre-
Big idea: re- means again and pre- means before
Example: redo/prewrite

Writing: Report
Big Idea- In a report, a writer gives facts and details about a topic.

Target Skill: Alliteration
Big Idea- the repetition of the same beginning sound
Example: Brilliant blue/ A sculpture, a snapshot

Theme 12 Writing pieces: Letter and Biography
Theme 12 Test: Tuesday, February 27th

Week of February 12th!

I can …
Reading: draw conclusions and use multiple texts! *theme 11 information can be found under the “Curriculum and Explanations” tab
Writing: publish one of my narratives!
Math: determine area and perimeter!

Theme 11 test: Tuesday, February 13th
Writing piece due: Tuesday, February 13th
Valentine’s day Party @ 1:15: Wednesday, February 14th!
Area and Perimeter test: Friday, February 16th *Study Guides will be send home on Wednesday!

Week of February 5th

I can…
Reading- use what I know and what is in the text to draw conclusion!
Writing- Write a fantasy and a narrative!
Social Studies- describe a global market!
Math- draw rectangles with same perimeter and different areas and same areas and different perimeters!

Wednesday, February 7th: Global School Play Day (be on the lookout for a note coming home soon!)
Friday, February 9th: Weekly math quiz
Friday, February 9th: All grades will be updated in PowerSchool
Wednesday, February 14th: classroom parties from 1:15-2:15 **Your child may bring in a Valentine’s Day box, or use the bags we provide for them. Class lists will be going home next week. If your child plans to pass out cards, please ensure that there is one for every student.