Week of 12/11!

I can…
Reading- Determine Importance! *Check out theme 8 information under the “curriculum explanations” tab
Writing- Write a quality expository piece and use plural and possessive nouns!
Math- tell time and determine elapsed time! *Check out the unit 4 math pages under the “useful links” tab
Science- describe density and what happens to hot/cold water!

Last day to take AR quizzes for quarter 2 independent reading goals- December 21st
Weekly Math Quiz- December 15th

Week of December 4th!

I can…
Reading- use fix-up strategies, find evidence to support an answer, and cite the text!
Writing- revise and edit my narrative!
Math- use various units to measure liquids and length and use graphs to represent data!
Social Studies- Junior Achievement!

Theme 7 Test: Tuesday, December 5th *Students will not be turning in a theme 7 writing piece this week.
Wonder Wednesday: Wednesday, December 6th (7:50-8:40)
Weekly Math Quiz: Friday, December 8th
Quarter Two Writing piece Due: Friday, December 8th
Last Day to take AR quizzes to meet Quarter 2 Independent Reading Goals: Thursday, December 21st

Theme 7: On Moving Ground

Theme 7: On Moving Ground
Focus: Using Fix-Up strategies
Big Idea- Context clues help readers understand what a difficult word means. Sometimes replacing the difficult word with a synonym helps you better understand what a word means.
Review: Creating Images
Big Idea- Creating images helps you better understand what you are reading. *Using your senses helps support this reading strategy: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feelings.

Vocab Pages: 218 & 232

Grammar: Common nouns
Big Idea- a non specific person, place, thing
Example: cat, man, school
Proper nouns
Big Idea- a specific person, place, thing
Example: Mrs. Ellis, Dunlap Grade, Thanksgiving
Concrete Vs. Abstract Nouns
Big Idea- A concrete noun is something you can physically see or touch. An abstract noun is something you cannot see or touch.
Example: Concrete noun- dog/ Abstract noun- love

Target Skill: Onomatopoeia
Big Idea- These are words used to describe sounds.

Word Study Week 1: Synonyms and Antonyms
Big Idea- Synonyms mean the same (example: big and large), antonyms mean the opposite (big and small)
Word Study Week 2: Multiple meaning words
Big Idea- Some words have more than one meaning (example: The leaves are in a pile. She leaves early for work.)

Writing pieces:
*To allow more time for students to work on their water narratives (quarter 2 writing piece), the students will only write ONE writing piece for theme 7.This piece will be a fantasy story. An example of a fantasy story can be found on page 238.

Theme 7 test: Tuesday, December 5th
Theme 7/theme 8 writing piece due: December 19th. *Students can choose between publishing their theme 7 writing piece or their theme 8 writing piece (expository).

Week of 11/20 and 11/27!

I can…
Reading- use fix-up strategies! *theme 7 blog post coming soon!
Writing- write a fantasy (theme 7), an expository (theme 7), and a narrative (quarter 2 writing piece). I can also, use write with dialogue and indent in a story when necessary!
Math- add and subtract with regrouping and multiply using multiples of 10!
Science- use a thermometer and describe how it works!

11/21- STEAM Mayhem Day!
11/22-11/24-No school! Happy Thanksgiving!
12/1- Unit 2 Math test (study guide will be sent home on 11/29)

Week of November 13th!

I can…
Reading- create images! *Check out a summary of theme 6 under the “curriculum explanations” tab!
Writing- publish an interview or newspaper article and use dialogue in a narrative!
Math- round to the nearest 10 and 100!

Theme 6 Test: Tuesday, November 14th
Wonder Wednesday: November 15th
2nd Quarter Writing Piece: students will being writing these on Wednesday. You can check out their progress in google docs!
Weekly Math Quiz: November 17th
**All grades will be updated in PowerSchool on November 17th**

Week of October 30th!

I can…
Reading- evidence in the text to support an answer.
Writing- write a quality CEIEIO
Math- use equations to solve two-step problems
Science- describe how water acts on different surfaces.

Weekly Math Quiz: Friday, November 3rd!

Theme 5: Times Have Changed

Theme 5: Times Have Changed
Focus: Monitor Understanding
Big Idea- when you monitor your understanding, you stop and think about whether you understand what you are reading.
Review: Synthesizing
Big Idea- When you synthesize, you gather information from the text to say it in a new or different way.

Vocabulary: Pages 148 & 162

Grammar: Commas in a series
Example: Sarah, Elizabeth, and Brooke went to the bookstore.
Review: Compound Sentences
Big Idea: two complete sentences that are joined by a conjunction. Example: She went to the movie, and she did her homework. (common conjunctions: and, but, or)

Word Study Week 1: ou and ow words
Example: proud and eyebrow
Word Study week 2: oy and oi
Example: Toy and foil

Writing: Poem
Big idea: Most poems have rhythm and rhyme.

*Theme 5 Writing Pieces: Adventure and Poem
*Theme 5 test/Writing piece due: October 31st
*Theme 5 Wonder Wednesday: November 1st

Next Week! 10/23/17

I can…
Reading- monitor my understanding. *Theme 5 blog post coming soon!
writing- write an adventure and a poem!
Math- name the properties of multiplication, multiply/divide, and solve two-step word problems!
Social Studies- describe what our country was like a long time ago!

Upcoming Important Dates:
Weekly Math Quiz: October 27th
Theme 5 Test: October 31st
Halloween Party: October 31st @ 1:45

Week of 10/2!

I can…
Reading- infer and find the evidence in a text!
Writing- publish a realistic fiction OR science fiction, write a quality conclusion, and write a quality CE-I-E-I!
Math-describe and use the commutative and associative properties of multiplication

Theme 3 Test/theme 3 writing pieces due: Tuesday, October 3rd
Theme 3 Wonder Wednesday: Wednesday, October 4th
Weekly Math Quiz: Friday, October 8th
Quarter 1 Independent Reading goals: Last day for AR quizzes is October 13th!